Date: 31st March – 25th May 2016
Location: Peacock Visual Arts

57°10 is the student led architecture society at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment in Aberdeen. The society organises weekly lectures from world renowned architects. As part of this year’s lecture series we produced a series of illustrations to advertise each event. The author of the illustrations, James Coe, is the co-president of 57°10 and a 6th year architecture student at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment.

The 57°10 exhibition showcases 14 of the unique poster designs used to advertise the societies events. Each illustration expresses the abstracted form of a notable building from the architect’s body of work. The aim was to produce graphic compositions which simultaneously outline the emblematic and distinctive characteristics of various buildings. The inspiration of the posters came from a series of architectural posters by André Chiote and the six architects posters by Andrea Gallo.

The exhibition, held at Peacocks Visual Art Centre, will run from the 31st March to 25th May as part of both the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the Look Again Festival. The official opening night will take place on Wednesday 27th April coinciding with the exhibition by Turner Prize winning architecture and design collective Assemble Studio and Australian artist Simon Terrill, ‘The Brutalist Playground’.

All the prints are available to order at £25 per digital print, unframed.