‘Aberdeen’ is a cultural exchange between two cities built around energy-Aberdeen, Scotland and Yubari, Japan.
The exchange originated in a series of activities conducted in 2018 by Naoko Mabon , Aberdeen-based curator, and Manami Sato Of Shimizusawa Project In Yubari , In Cooperation With Dr Leslie Mabon  ( Robert Gordon University ) And Peacock Visual Arts , And Supported By The Partnership Funds Of British Council And Creative Scotland . Building On The 2018 Activities, The Team Is Now Setting Up A New Printmaking project involving their community and context, with support from Peacock Visual Arts and Creative Funding ofAberdeen City Council .
“Aberdeen // Yubari” is an attempt to connect two distant cities in the energy industry-Scotland-Aberdeen-Yubari, Hokkaido-.
In this exchange, Naiko Maebon (curator who lives in Aberdeen) and Manami Sato (a representative of Shimizuzawa Project ) will collaborate with Dr. Leslie Maebon ( Robert Gordon University ) and Peacock Visual Arts in 2018, as well as British Council and Creative · It started with the activities that took place in both cities with the assistance of Scotland . Based on the achievements of 2018, the management team will conduct a new printmaking project that will be re-engaged with the people and context of both sides again with the support from Aberdeen City and the cooperation of Peacock Visual Arts.
To further the existing dialogue into a simple yet creative and tangible exchange, ‘Aberdeen // Yubari’ aims to produce a limited edition print work collaboratively with people in both cities. One member will be selected from each city for making On Their Local Landscape. Two Images Will Be Neatly Printed Next To Each Other At Peacock Visual Arts’ Print Studio. The Resulting Prints Will Be Widely Promoted In Both Locations To Highlight A Unique Regional Narrative Which Connects Two Locations.
The Project Timeframe Is Well Situated within the major bilateral program Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-202019 also marks the 160th anniversary of the Aberdeenshire-born ‘Scottish Samurai’ merchant Thomas Glover’s first landing in Japan in 1859. This project intentions to celebrate and advance international exchanges between two distant cities / events In.
order to develop the dialogue that has already been fostered between the two regions, it is possible to make a limited number of print works by collaboration with the people of both regions as a simple, yet creative and concrete form of interaction. I will aim. One person from each city is chosen to make a small image with the theme of the local landscape for them. The two images are arranged next to each other and printed carefully on a piece of paper in the 45-year-old Peacock Visual Arts as a print studio. The completed work is widely publicized and sheds light on the unique relationship between the two countries that share a common story while they are far away.
Project period is exchanged were “between Japan and the UK in the wake of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 between the Japanese and English culture seasonIt overlaps with the timing of The year 2019 is also the 160th anniversary of ‘Scottish Samurai’ from Aberdeen, where Thomas Glover landed in Japan for the first time in 1959. The aim of this project is not only for exchanges between distant cities and countries, but also for focusing on the sights and activities of people who live in each land, and to make them live more actively.