’Aberdeen // Yubari’ is a new printmaking project connecting the community and context of two cities built around energy – Aberdeen, Scotland and Yubari, Japan.

The exchange between two cities originated in a series of activities conducted in 2018 by Naoko Mabon, Aberdeen-based curator, and Manami Sato, Director of Shimizusawa Project in Yubari, in cooperation with Dr Leslie Mabon (Robert Gordon University) and Peacock Visual Arts, and supported by the partnership funds of British Council and Creative Scotland. Building on the 2018 activities, the team is now setting up a new printmaking project involving their communities and context, with support from Peacock Visual Arts and Creative Funding of Aberdeen City Council.

The participant will be selected from each city’s community, based on the individuals and groups with whom Mabon and Sato made relations in 2018. They will be asked to take square photographs of ‘what they think of as the landscape of their city’. Three selected images are exchanged via email, and the participants will choose one shot, based on ‘how they imagine the landscape of other participant’s city’, a faraway location sharing a similar narrative with their own city, but which has never been visited by them. Two final images will be neatly printed next to each other by printmakers of Peacock’s print studio, in colours chosen by participants. The prints will be signed by participants, and framed and gifted to participants, representatives of both cities, and any supporters. The resulting print work will hopefully show both city’s landscapes in a way that an internet search is never able to tell us.

We are delighted to announce the Aberdeen participant for the project – Mr David Fryer. David Fryer is a community entrepreneur, activist and cyclist with a keen interest in environmental issues. Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Old Torry Community Centre, he is also Trustee for the Torry Development Trust, a charitable organisation focusing on the challenges of urban regeneration, the environmental protection of green spaces and coastal areas, and the recognition and protection of the arts, heritage, history and culture in Torry. Within Torry and Aberdeen, David led a long-run campaign to protect the 1878-built granite buildings of Victoria Road School from demolition, which eventually gained success in 2018. In addition, to respond to a concern about the quality of the air locally, David worked collaboratively with designers Ben Durack and Kevin Mulhern to design a DIY air pollution monitor which can be built by anyone with instruction. This was featured in an art project ’The Air We Breathe’ curated by Rachel Grant.

To decide the Yubari participant, we are currently open for submission from the pupils of Yubari Primary School. Yubari children who want to participate will take pictures during the summer holidays and submit one picture by the end of summer holiday. Three pictures will be selected by the team at Shimizusawa Project. The selected three shots with brief descriptions will be emailed to Mr Fryer so that he can select one picture for printmaking. Three children will collectively select one picture taken by Mr Fryer for printmaking. We will make short films of both Mr Fryer and the children, speaking about how they selected their chosen one picture from three and how they found the photo shooting process. Both films will be subtitled and exchanged.

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Credit for the top image: Daniel Isaac Jimenez, Miami, FL

Mock-up for resulting print work | 版画作品の完成予想図


「アバディーン // 夕張」は石油・ガスの街として栄えてきたスコットランド・アバディーンと、炭鉱の町として栄えた北海道・夕張市という遠く離れた二都市をつなぐ版画制作プロジェクトです。

本文化交流は2018年、メイボン尚子(アバディーン在住キュレーター)と佐藤真奈美(一般社団法人 清水沢プロジェクト 代表)がお互いの町を訪ね、両地の人々と地域の過去・現在・未来や独自性、今後の交流の可能性などについて意見を交わす一連の活動を機に始まりました(協力:レズリー・メイボン博士、ロバートゴードン大学、ピーコック・ビジュアル・アーツ、助成:ブリティッシュ・カウンシル、クリエイティブ・スコットランド)。この成果を基に「規模は小さくとも未来に永く続く二都市間の交流のかたち」を探るべく、この度メイボンと佐藤はアバディーン市からの助成ならびに再びピーコック・ビジュアル・アーツからの協力を受け、両地の人々や文脈に寄り添う版画制作プロジェクトを行う運びとなりました。


デイヴィッド・フライヤー氏(David Fryer)
アバディーンのトリー地区に住み、同地区の市民の先頭に立って地域の環境、歴史、文化、芸術を守る活動を行なってきた地域事業家、運動家、サイクリスト。地元の漁師たちが集めた資金で1878年に建てられた花崗岩づくりのヴィクトリア・ロード小学校が2008年に廃校となって取り壊しが決定された際は「トリー・デベロップメント・トラスト」を有志と立ち上げ、長い戦いの末、地域の歴史遺産を守ることに成功した。治安の良くないレッテルを貼られがちなトリー地区が新たなゴミ焼却炉建設地候補に挙がった際は、それに待ったをかけるべく地元のデザイナー、ベン・デュラック、ケヴィン・マルハーンと協力し誰でも説明書があれば組み立て可能なDIY大気質モニターを設計、地域レベルで科学的に説得力のあるデータ収集を行い、地域の環境を守る立場を取り続けている。同活動は地元で活動するキュレーター、レイチェル・グラントによるアートプロジェクト「The Air We Breathe(我々の吸う空気)」で取り上げられた。トリー地区の集いの場「オールド・トリー・コミュニティ・センター」の運営にも携わる。



Team Aberdeen (from left): Mr David McCracken (Print Curator, Peacock Visual Arts); Ms Naoko Mabon (Aberdeen-based curator); Mr David Fryer (Aberdeen participant); and Mr James Vass (Printmaker, Peacock Visual Arts).


Team Yubari (from left): Mr Satoru Yonemoto (Headteacher, Yubari Primary School), and Ms Manami Sato (Director, Shimizusawa Project). チーム夕張(左から):夕張市立ゆうばり小学校・米本智 校長先生、清水沢プロジェクト・佐藤真奈美 代表

Flyer: open call to the pupils of Yubari Primary School. ゆうばり小学校の児童を対象にした作品募集チラシ。作品は清水沢プロジェクトにメールで提出、締め切り:8月23日(金)

Flyer: open call to the pupils of Yubari Primary School. ゆうばり小学校の児童を対象にした作品募集チラシ。作品は清水沢プロジェクトにメールで提出、締め切り:8月23日(金)

Organised by: Naoko Mabon (Aberdeen-based curator), Manami Sato (Director, Shimizusawa Project)
Funded by: Creative Funding of Aberdeen City Council
Project partner: Peacock Visual Arts
Supported by: Yubari City, Yubari City Education Committee
Project website: aberdeen-yubari.tumblr.com

企画・運営:メイボン尚子 (アバディーン在住キュレーター)、佐藤真奈美(一般社団法人 清水沢プロジェクト 代表)
プロジェクトウェブサイト: aberdeen-yubari.tumblr.com