Since our inception in 1974 our forward thinking founders thought that there should be a collected archive of our accliamed Publishing Programme. We have tried to make and keep an ‘archive’ copy of every published print we have made. We have entrusted these to Aberdeen Art Gallery who currently hold it in their collections facitliy. You can see what they have by clicking this link as you’ll see there is still a large amount to be photographed but you can arrange with the Aberdeen Treasure Hub if you want to see any of the items. Our future plans for the archive are to extensively document, photograph it and build an education programme round it. Making this fantastic resource open to as many people as possible is the ultimate aim.

The print archive doesn’t just contain the published prints but also working sketches, plates and separations amongst other ephemera. Currently it stands at well over 1500 individual items.

Our Publishing Programme began in 1975 and our first published work was ‘5 Landscapes’ featuring prints by George Donald, Bob Stewart, Ian Fleming, Malcolm McCoig and Barbara Robertson. This was closely followed by ‘Calendar Suite’ in 1976 featuring 12 prints by Bob Bain, Bill Baxter, Gordon Bryce, Alan Cowie, Bel Cowie, Lennox Dunbar, Jackie Parry, Philip Reeves, Willie Rodger,  Ian McKenzie Smith, Frances Walker and Arthur Watson – many of these artists were instrumental in the formation and running of Peacock. From there our programme went from strength to stregth and has resulted in hundreds of works by a wide variety of artists.

The comprehensive list includes Steven Aalders, Claire Barclay, John Bellany, Adam Bridgland, Steven Campbell, Dalziel and Scullion, Harvey Daniels, Alan Davie, Kenneth Dingwall, Pat Douthwaite, Joe Fan, Mike Giant, Tom Hammick, Peter Howson, Kenny Hunter, Janice Kerbel, Bruce McLean, John McLean, Scott Myles, Rosalind Nashashibi, David Noonan, Toby Paterson, Mick Peter, Barbara Rae, Satterugly, Seripop, David Sherry, Ralph Steadman, Ian Stevenson, Donald Urquhart, Frances Walker and Sylvia Wishart.

This page features the various lookbacks into our archive that have featured on our social media collated into one place.