About the Associates

Peacock Visual Arts’ new one-year programme, placing graduates alongside independent arts professionals such as curator, designer, architect, as well as Peacock’s experienced staff members. This programme is a response to the current arts ecology of Aberdeen – which needs to be supported from the ground up. Creative workers need basic facilities like a roof, heating, kitchen, wifi as well as a support system to help them navigate an increasingly challenging funding landscape. Access to space and to a professional community will lead to the strengthening of individual and collective practices and solidify the arts ecology of Aberdeen. The Associates will create a critical mass in the city, and a forum for skills exchange, mitigating issues around studio provision and graduate retention.

First members:

Tendency Towards (Donald Butler, Yvette Bathgate, Mary Gordon, Jessica Barrie), Maja Zeco, Naoko Mabon, Neil Corall, Sofia Oliveira, Camille Sineau and Rachel Grant.