Peacock Visual Arts is delighted to present two Associates’ Social evenings with international guests.

Associates’ Social: Shimizusawa Project (15th November) & The Palace Arts (16th November)

Presentation and conversation with Manami Sato from Shimizusawa Project in Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan

6-8pm, Thursday 15th November 2018

Speaker: Manami Sato (Director, Shimizusawa Project, Yubari, Hokkaido, Japan)
Panel: Dr Leslie Mabon (Reader in Environment and Society, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)
Facilitator: Naoko Mabon (Independent Curator and Associate member of Peacock Visual Arts)
Presented by Peacock Visual Arts as part of Associates’ Social programme.
Supported by British Council, Creative Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and Robert Gordon University.

Peacock Visual Arts is thrilled to present an evening of presentation and conversation with Manami Sato from Shimizusawa Project in Yubari, Japan and Dr Leslie Mabon from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

As part of a wider development towards a future exchange project between Japan-Aberdeen, Aberdeen-based Japanese curator Naoko Mabon visited Yubari in Hokkaido in early June and gave a public talk at Shimizusawa Project to introduce the art and cultural scene in Aberdeen. In return, with support from a partnership fund from British Council and Creative Scotland, Manami Sato, the Director of Shimizusawa Project will visit Aberdeen for a one-week site-visit to research about Aberdeen and introduce Yubari and the community-focused activities of Shimizusawa Project to the Aberdeen community. Yubari is a former active coal mining city and the first Japanese city to announce bankruptcy in 2007 after the final closure of the city’s coal industry in 1990.

Presentation and discussion

Following a presentation by Dr Leslie Mabon on his ongoing research in Yubari, Manami Sato will give a presentation about the Yubari community and the activities of Shimizusawa Project.

After the presentations, Manami will be in conversation with Leslie and Naoko to discuss the current challenges and future plans of Yubari and Aberdeen, with the aim of exploring a way to develop a new collaborative art project between Yubari and Aberdeen into the future.

The conversation includes a Q & A with the audience followed by a networking over drinks.

This event is free, no booking is required.

Lecture at Robert Gordon University

As part of her site-visit, Manami will give a lecture at Robert Gordon University with Dr Leslie Mabon in the afternoon of the 19th November 2018. The lecture will be a part of the lecture series on Daily Life in Northern Japan led by Dr Mabon.

Interview Arrangement

Interviews with Manami Sato, Dr Leslie Mabon or Naoko Mabon can be arranged during Ms Sato’s Aberdeen site-visit from 13th to 19th November 2018.


Naoko Mabon (organiser) / / 07547453658

Presentation and conversation with Thea Hope and Lilo Dussenbach from Palace Arts in Berlin, Germany

7-9pm, Friday 16th November 2018

Speakers: Thea Hope (Founder and Event Manager, The Palace Arts, Berlin, Germany)  and Lilo Dussenbach (Residency Manager, Palace Arts, Berlin, Germany)
Facilitator: Donald Butler (Artist and Associate member of Peacock Visual Arts)
Supported by Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland.

Peacock Visual Arts is thrilled to present an evening of presentation and conversation with Thea Hope and Lilo Dussenbach from The Palace Arts, Berlin, Germany.

The Palace Arts is a Berlin based international network of artists that organises events across Europe, such as artists dinners, exhibitions and film festivals to support interdisciplinary practices. They run an annual residency in Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland and are currently organising a Queer Film Festival in Bristol this September. The event will consist of a presentation of Palace’s history and activities, alongside a discussion on the advantages of working within an artists network, as well as maintaining well-being within the creative sector. (

Presentation and discussion

Thea Hope and Lilo Dussenbach will give a presentation about The Palace Arts. They will be then in conversation with Donald to discuss various topics in relation to ‘self-organised community’ and strategies for maintaining wellbeing in the creative sector.

The conversation includes a Q & A with the audience followed by an informal byob social drink.

This event is free, no booking is required.


Donald Butler (organiser) / / 07469717205

About Associates’ Social

Associates’ Social, the final programme of events curated by Peacock Visual Arts’ 2018 Associates, brings together a series of evening discussions, presentations and performances between September and November through an informal format which reflects the internationality of the group. Loosely framed on self-organisation within practices and communities, the programme seeks to contribute to continuing efforts of establishing diverse criticality and knowledge bases within Aberdeen’s creative community.

The Associates’ hope is for these events to act as informal social occasions, functioning as temporary hubs in which critical debate is stimulated in an open and welcoming environment. Within each event audiences can enjoy drinks, but importantly feel a sense of connection with the city’s growing creative population.

The programme includes Peacock Associates member Naoko Mabon, who will be joined by Manami Sato and Dr Leslie Mabon for a discussion about Shimizusawa Project in Yubari, Japan; presentations from Peacock Associates member Camille Sineau and Director Nuno Sacramento; a social evening and presentation from Palace Arts, an artists’ network and residency based in Berlin, Germany; and performance of artist Natalie Wearden’s “Selkie Skin”.