For Bake Haus’s 20th night, we will be hosting them for a night of performances and DJs. Their late friend and the inspiration for the night’s beginning and namesake – Ewan Robertson aka Offshore, frequently used Peacock for his visual works, so they could think of no better venue to host their 20th night. The first hour and a half are live sets from two new acts to Bake Haus, the latter hours will be B2B sets from Bake Haus residents and familiar friends.

Sat 4 April 20:00 – 02:00

Tickets: £3 (free before 2200)

Early Show 20:00 – 21:30:

DREAD YOUTH – – selections of ambient/experimental/noise.

BRENNSHLUSS – – equal parts research and performance. equal parts algorithm and improvisation.

DROMES CLUB RECITAL 2 – – what can be said about Dromes Club?

21:30 – 02:00:


TAM & ZUBUNTU [Tuff Wax, Apothecary / VaVa, Bake Haus]

GRILL COSBY & ¥OIN [Try Industries / Bake Haus]

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