Starting Wednesday 9th October 2019 Join James Vass in Peacock Visual Arts Printmaking workshops for our Beginner Etching course.

An etching is usually made by scraping off a protective layer of wax that has been applied to the metal surface of the plate. Wherever the metal is exposed the acid can corrode and bite down into the plate thus creating an etching. After cleaning off this wax, your print can be made by rubbing ink into all those bitten lines whilst removing any excess ink from the plate’s surface. This is then run through an etching press, taking the ink from plate to paper.

The course consists of 4 sessions spread over 4 evenings, which will take place on a Wednesday between 5.30pm and 8.30pm.

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Week 1:


– You will be given an overview of the process and will be shown examples of plates and prints made in our facilities using the etching process.

– You will learn how to clean, degrease and file the plates

– Learn how to use ground and how to smoke the plates

At the end of this session, you will be encouraged to think of imagery and/or sketches in time for next weeks session.

Week 2:


– You will transfer/draw up the imagery onto your plates

– Learn how to stop out any corrections

Week 3:


– You will back the plates with tape

– Learn how to use the acid to etch the plates

– Cleaning and degreasing the plates preparing them to be printed in the final week

Week 4:


– Inking and printing of the plates

This class is suitable for ages 16+ and no experience is required

Please contact us for further details including accessibility