Starting Wednesday 6th November 2019 join James Vass in Peacock Visual Arts printmaking workshops for our Beginners Linocut course.

Printmaker James Vass has provided this excellent 11 step video to illustrate exactly what you’ll be learning to do.

Relief printing is one of the oldest ways of making a print. With linocut printing, you will make a small block by cutting away the areas you do not want the ink to pick up. This is a very spatial way of working, leaving the surface of the lino to take the ink using rollers. This way your ink cannot be deposited into all your cut out areas. You will be able to use the Columbian Press that stamps down a heavy bed onto your paper, thus transposing the inky block to your printing paper.

Beginning 6th November 2019 the course consists of 4 sessions spread over 4 evenings, which will take place on a Wednesday between 5.30pm and 8.30pm.

For tickets and more details click here.

1st Week –
• Show and tell of lino blocks and prints made here
• Transfer images to lino / draw up lino blocks

2nd Week –
• Cut lino blocks

3rd Week –
• Print lino blocks

4th Week –
• More printing / introduce Chine Collé.

This class is suitable for ages 16+ and no experience is required.

Please contact us for further details including accessibility.