30 June – 11 August, 2007

boy in oil field

Still from Black Sea Files

Artist’s Talk by Ursula Biemann: Saturday 30 June, 2pm. Admission free.

With this video installation on the politics of oil in the Caspian region, Swiss artist, theorist and curator Ursula Biemann connects those local developments to the global economy, in which Aberdeen plays such a pivotal role.

The Black Sea Files examine the giant oil pipeline which opened in May 2005 and passes through Georgia to the Turkish port of Ceyhan to create a direct link between one of the world’s biggest energy resources and the world sea system.

Starting at the shallow offshore oilfields in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, the videography follows the trajectory through the Caucasian corridor, engages with Azeri and Georgian farmers and Russian prostitutes on the way, crosses through Kurdish and Turkish territories to terminate on the Mediterranean harbour near Ceyhan.

The ten video files of the investigation track the logistic technology of the pipeline, comment on the urban and rural transformations, engage with the people who live along side its trajectory and reflect on the oil history and politics of the region. Drawing on investigatory fieldwork as practiced by anthropologists, embedded journalists and secret intelligence agents, the project comments on artistic methods in the field and the ways in which information and visual intelligence is detected, circulated or withheld.

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