Children’s Animist workshop led by Simon Yuill on Thursday 24th October 2019.

You are invited to join artist Simon Yuill and storyteller Pauline Cordiner in a free workshop for children aged 6-10 at WORM 11 Castle Street, Aberdeen.

“Every single thing, even things that aren’t living, has a personality and a life.”

– Rosie King, child illustrator.

Animism is the idea that everything in our world is alive to us, each in its own way, whether that be animals, plants, rivers, stones or even artificial objects like buildings or furniture. Many cultures express this idea through religious beliefs and customs but it can also be a playful aspect of everyday life. This is something that children intuitively relate to and which is also echoed in many forms of storytelling from traditional tales to Pixar animations.

This workshop is intended to explore children’s animist ideas though play and storytelling. Working with Simon and Pauline, children will create their own masks for any animal or non-human entity they want to bring to life and weave into an improvised story responding to and making use of the cape costumes, objects and themes in the exhibition.

The workshop will be documented with audio recordings and photography with consent from a parent or guardian.

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