still from oedipus

This year Peacock introduces Cineclub; a new monthly film screening on Tuesdays offering you a fantastic range of eclectic films rarely seen in cinemas, in partnership with the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Modern Thought.

  • Tuesday 29 January 2008, 7pm
  • Location: Peacock Visual Arts


Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Oedipus (Edipo Re/1967) was the first in a series of films he characterized as “cruel ritualism” (followed by Teorema in 1968 and Porcile and Medea in 1969). Described as a “series of events that explodes in sounds and violence,” Pasolini relies on the familiarity of the myth to carry the viewer through dizzying atemporal and ahistorical shifts, metamorphoses and ellipses achieved through abrupt cuts: the Oedipus of Greek legend is born in 1930’s Fascist Italy; another cut, without transition, takes us from Thebes to Pasolini’s present-day Bologna; a father shakes his child awake by his feet, the child is the legend , hand and feet tied to poles, transported out to the desert to die. Oedipus stylized as samurai warrior. Mother and infant in meadow as center of Universe. Desert landscape as “protagonist.” Pasolini called it “the most autobiographical of my films.”

Starring Franco Citti, Silvana Mangano, Alida Valli, Carmelo Bene, Julian Beck, Francesco Leonetti, Ninetto Divoli, Luciano Bartoli, and P.P. Pasolini as “High Priest.”