06 May 2008

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Faceless (Manu Luksch, 50 min 2007)

– a CCTV sci-fi fairy-tale

In a society under the reformed ‘Real-Time’ Calendar, without history nor future, everybody is faceless. A woman panics when she wakes up one day with a face. With the help of the Spectral Children she slowly finds out more about the lost power and history of the human face and begins the search for its future.

FACELESS was produced under the rules of the ‘Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers’. The manifesto states, amongst other things, that additional cameras are not permitted at filming locations, as the omnipresent existing video surveillance (CCTV) is already in operation. Voice: TILDA SWINTON / choreography: THE BALLET BOYZ / soundtrack: MUKUL piano / music: RUPERT HUBER / produced by AMOUR FOU and AMBIENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS

How Little We Know of Our Neighbours (50 min, Rebecca Baron, 2005)

How Little We Know of Our Neighbours is an experimental documentary about Britain’s Mass Observation Movement and its relationship to contemporary issues regarding surveillance, public self-disclosure, and privacy. At its center is a look at the multiple roles cameras have played in public space, starting in the 1880’s, when the introduction of the hand-held camera brought photography out of the studio and into the street. For the first time one could be photographed casually in public without knowledge or consent.

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