25 April 2008

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Starts 4.30pm

Secrecy (2007), a documentary by Robb Moss and Peter Galison, takes on the world of hidden national security policy and analyses the implications of this secrecy, both for government and individuals. It combines animation, installations, music and interviews to, as Sundance Film Festival’s Cara Mertes explains, “take us inside the inverted world of government secrecy as we share the experiences of lawyers, CIA analysts, and the ordinary people for whom secrecy becomes a matter of life and death.”

Secrecy premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, US, in January 2008.

The film is also part of the Conference Recoded. landscapes + Politics of New Media, organised by the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Modern Thought. Entry to the film is free.

Entry Free

Location Belmont Picturehouse