On Saturday 6th April 2019 join Michael Waight, Peacocks master printmaker in this one day class and learn how to make and print collagraphs in our workshops. The class runs from 10:00 – 17:00 with a break for lunch.

The word collagraph is Greek. ‘Colla’ means to glue and ‘graph’, means to draw.

With this in mind, Michael will teach you how to make a block by glueing thin layers of material and textured papers onto a thick card. This card can then be cut into with scalpels and various grit, similar to sand or tea-leaves can be added to create areas of tone within the print. Once the block is complete you will then seal the block with varnish, this will make the block durable for repeated prints.

You can then ‘ink up’ and print by using the blocks surfaces and applying the ink into the lower areas that have been created within the textures of the block.

This class is suitable for ages 16+ and no experience is required.

Tickets are £65 and booking is essential. To book click here.

Please contact us for further details including accessibility.