24 November – 22 December, 2007

Curiosity killed the cat but for a while I was the suspect

New work by Sarah J Tingle

Sarah’s work includes painting, drawing, and a wide range of other media. This exhibition brings together a number of ongoing projects, which feed off each other. In the installation of the work in the gallery, the artist creates a delicate balance of text, found, altered and new images, and the space the work is situated in, disbanding the symbolic with a sense of disciplined wit and whim.

The artist does not see her work as forcibly naive, she sees her practice as continually becoming a purer expression of the complexity of itself. Sarah explores mark-making using varied mediums and manipulations of their visual and intellectual qualities.

Sarah says about her work: “The readily unspoken, fiction-like but tediously honest nature of my work, I hope, leaves it able enough to describe itself within quips of discerning banter and with the integrity of a studious prankster. I don’t like to expound on meanings and conceptual integration in my work although it resides there. I won’t explain the meaning of my writing more than what it says itself. I cannot explain myself as any less that perfectly serious when it comes to my practice.”

Preview Night Friday 23 November 6 – 8pm