Peacock DIGI provides access and support for artists, makers, businesses, schools, students and the public to cost effectively create and manufacture using our range of digital equipment and services. The studio is open to anyone looking to learn about and use new creative technologies including 3D Printing, Laser Cutting/Engraving, 3D Scanning and Design Software. Hand tools are also available for traditional methods of creating. The Digi studio prides itself on its community atmosphere and is a place where anyone can develop their skills and experiment by trying out new techniques. Our team has a wide experience with digital tools, including Photography, Filming, and Editing, Design, Engineering, 3D Design, Animation, Electronics, Jewellery Making, and have been working in the digital fabrication industry for several years. Peacock DIGI treats each project uniquely, ensuring clients receive their exact requirements and the output is to the highest possible standard.

Peacock DIGI’s facilities have been used by artists to achieve lasercut patterns, woodcuts for relief printing and 3D modeling.

Digital Equipment in the studio includes:

  • Twin drum Risograph printer with 5 colours available
  • 2 Ultimaker 3D printers
  • Laser Cutter Adobe Creative Suite Various industry standard software for 3D Design, Filming and Editing and Coding
  • Hand tools
  • Printing and Scanning Facilities
  • Free Wifi
  • On-site training and assistance

Our file formats for our 3D printers include .STL or .OBJ. For our laser cutter, it accepts .DXF and .BMP files. Our team can provide any assistance with file formatting, even if you only have a sketch available.

Peacock DIGI - Digital Fabrication Studio



“In Iain Gildea’s capacity as Studio Manager, he was instrumental in the early stages of conceiving this project, and therefore an important part of its success in being funded.”

Leanne Townsend

Research Fellow, dot.rural, the RCUK-funded Digital Economy hub at the University of Aberdeen