Saturday 26 July 2014



Document Films Festival Scotland’s only Human Rights Documentary film festival, is going on tour. They will be presenting highlight’s from last year’s programme across Scotland from May-August.

On July 26th the Glasgow based festival will be presenting two films – Adios Padresitos and A2-BC here at Peacock Visual Arts.

Both films deal with communities at a cross roads – their futures seemingly being dictated by the powers that be. They’re also very much about the grassroots activism that evolves out of such outside pressure.

Adios Padresitos is a 30 minute short film by Javier Macipe that looks at a group of priests in Ecuador who received a mysterious letter from the vatican.In this letter, they are invited to leave Sucumbios as soon as possible. Sucumbios is a province of Ecuadorian Rainforest, which is immensely rich in petroleum. One of these priests – Monsignor Gonzalo Lopez decides to start an indefinite hunger strike, camping in a park in Quito. Padresitos examines the inseparable links between the Catholic Church and big industry and the impact it is having on vulnerable parishes around the world.

In the feature length A2-BC, eighteen months after the Fukushima meltdown of 2011, American director Ian Thomas Ash ventured to the communities that had been devastated by the industrial disaster. The children of Fukishima are suffering from concerning maladies, ranging from severe nose bleeds to rashes and thyroid cysts. Through interviews with local residents and workers a picture emerges of children with pre-cancerous symptoms, untrained and non-specialist workers tasked with the cleanup, radiation runoff into ground water and rivers, and whole areas of the mountains which are just too vast to clean-set against what seems an official policy of denial and reassurance amounting to a cover-up.

Document Coordinator Lindsay Reid said: “Document aims to bring issues that aren’t usually covered by mainstream media to people’s attention, while giving under-represented people a voice. Now we’re taking the festival on tour to spread these messages even further.The festival entertains as much as it educates, championing independent and international documentary film along the way.”