Energy, the environment and daily living in Aberdeen: now and the future
Interactive workshop by Dr Leslie Mabon, Senior Lecturer in Applied Social Studies, RGU

These two sessions discuss what the future holds for Aberdeen as our society responds to a changing environment and energy system.

1st session (free but booking essential): Saturday, 17 March, 2-4pm

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The first session will focus on what daily living could be like in Aberdeen as the oil and gas industries mature and run their course.

2nd session (free but booking essential): Friday, 23 March, 2-4pm

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The second session discusses what responding to climate change means for fossil fuel-reliant cities such as Aberdeen, based on the outcomes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s first Cities and Climate Change Science Conference.

We are all by now very familiar with the idea that the oil and gas sectors have had significant economic impacts on the north-east, and that fossil fuel extraction has the potential to act back on the north-east through climate change. But it is also true that extractive industries leave a distinct legacy on a city through buildings designed for a specific purpose; equipment and infrastructure built to serve key industries; and housing, roads and public spaces intended to serve certain kinds of lifestyles.

Developing a ‘sustainable’ Aberdeen thus requires us to think about the built environment in which we live, and how that might enable or hinder our lifestyle choices. For a city like Aberdeen, meeting the climate challenge also requires us to respect the fact that many people continue to rely on the extractive industries for employment, and to ensure these people are not left behind as our society renews its energy and consumption practices.

Both sessions will start off with a 30-minute talk from Dr Leslie Mabon about cities, environmental change and energy. After this we will have an open discussion about what responding to environmental issues means in a city like Aberdeen, with the aim of identifying challenges and also opportunities for the city in the future.

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