2 November – 20 December 2013

With kind sponsorship from anCnoc and BrewDog.

An exhibition in collaboration with local collective WLDWLVS including work by Adam Bridgland, Chu, Salvador Dali, Jeremy Deller, ESPO, Stu Ford, Mike Giant, Neil Henderson, Kenny Hunter, Seb Lester, John Mackenzie, Paul Mullen, Scott Myles, Brian Ross, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Donald Urquhart, John Walters and many more.

The exhibition also includes a specially commissioned projection of examples of kinetic typography. Running order as follows:

Ruth Maxwell January Sunday Morning

Amelia Crouch Ifs & Butts

vvitalny Words/Birds

Chris Wilson Untitled

Holger Mohaupt Typography of a City

Humphrey Weightman 130 Full Points

Steven Bremner Untitled

Motion Blur for DGAA Edwin Morgan – One Fly

Motion Blur for DGAA Hugh Bryden – Heart

Tim Shore Carbon

Motion Blur for DGAA Vivien Jones – Starlings, a murmuration

Donnie Ross Requiem for a Dead Language

Motion Blur for DGAA Wilson Irving – Parachutes

Bruce Thomson Like en

New print published for #SEENINTHEDEEN

Mike Lopez of Aberdeenshire electronic pop outfit IndianRedLopez is a passionate graphic design professional whose work focuses on conceptual graphics for record covers, posters and prints.

We have published his new print ‘At Night I Dream of Stormy Seas’ as part of #SEENINTHEDEEN. Mike describes the work as follows:

“It started as a self initiated project, exploring the need to define aspects of our lives as symbols and ideograms. Developing into extrapolating visual symbols from music, this piece was derived from a song of the same name from the forthcoming sophomore record from Aberdeenshire band, IndianRedLopez.”

The print is available in two sizes and two colours.

'At Night I Dream of Stormy Seas' by Mike Chang 2013

‘At Night I Dream of Stormy Seas’ by Mike Chang 2013′