Robert Bresson, Pickpocket, France 1959, 73 min

Michel (Martin Lasalle) is a petty thief who, after being arrested and then re-leased, starts discussing the rights and wrongs of crime with the police inspector. The only way he can find a place for himself in society is to engineer a head-on collision with it. It gives him a reason to live. In that way, picking pockets becomes an exciting, almost sexual adventure. It is a kind of pact with the Devil.

But he has to leave France for London when the band of thieves he joins is arrested. And when he returns he is also caught. It is only when he is visited in prison by Jeanne (Marika Green), the girl who looked after his mother before she died and is now abandoned with a child, that he realises that his whole life could be changed by love.

  • Thursday 20 September 2007
  • Location: Peacock Visual Arts
  • Starts 6.30pm
  • Admission free