Peacock Visual Arts is proud to present Print Publications made with Frances Walker 2010 – 2018, on show in W OR M Saturday 22nd September until Saturday 3rd November.

We are delighted to be showing this group of prints by Frances Walker. These works, made over the last eight years, show an honest cross section of what the artist has been interested in for many years. From images of time spent far to the north with those so far south and within the Scottish landscape. They also cover the artist’s understanding and enthusiasm for the various print idioms – Lithography, screenprinting and etching are all here, also combinations of those forms! The artist is a master of finding her line and form in print and demonstrates her painter-printmaker status with this small but important group of works.

“Frances makes work that not only speaks of her passion for any chosen landscape, whether Scottish or further afield, so far north, so far south, but allows her to continue growing as an artist – to explore with every new image that she makes. This doesn’t always happen with every artist’s journey but with Frances Walker, it definitely does. There is great progression and directional purpose that is exemplified in her printmaking in particular.

These last eight years worth of printed works with Peacock illustrates this point beautifully. It’s all in her drawing and the sound judgement of a selected palette by someone who continues to tell us more about places observed first hand without ever giving us fake information or a lack of fine tuning. Her printmaking has always been an important way of tackling such internal and geographical terrain and has come so far and is so very good!”
– Michael Waight – Master Printmaker