SAC has announced the result of its strategic review and its new priorities. Organisations with a distinctive and significantly unique role in relation to an art form, policy priority and/or place will be funded on a long term basis, with what it describes as foundation funding.

Peacock is delighted that it has been awarded this status and that its annual SAC grant will rise, in April 2007, from £158,502 to £260,000.

The new priorities of the SAC are:

  • Increasing the scope and quality of its support for artists
  • Securing the foundation of Scotland’s artistic development
  • Creating flexibility to support the new and the innovative
  • Creating opportunities for participation in the arts

Lindsay Gordon, Peacock Director, said: “This vote of confidence in our continuing programme of change and development, aimed at making Peacock more relevant to the needs of artists and public, is very welcome. So is the big increase in grant. We also need to pay tribute to Aberdeen City Council which has led the way in increasing the investment in our vision: its annual grant to us, in terms of ratio of local to national funding, is exemplary. But really it is Peacock’s great team that deserves the credit.”

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