Date: Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 16:30-18.30pm
Location: Peacock Visual Arts
Cost: FREE

Join curator Matilda Strang, for an exhibition tour of ‘Lost Islands & Other Works’, followed by a group discussion led by producer, researcher, and writer Chris Fremantle, as part of Creative Carbon Scotland’s regular Green Tease series.

‘Lost Islands and Other Works’ is a solo show of work by Swiss artist Marie Velardi, including drawing, sculpture, and installation. For her first solo show in the UK, this exhibition brings together recent and significant works by Marie to consider the nature of impermanence and movement of time from various perspectives.

Within her practice, Marie employs fact and fiction to both imagine and question the future. Works closely examine movements of the earth, such as the continuous shift between land and sea, or inhabited islands disappearing into the ocean due to rising water levels. Marie’s use of fiction to present a timeline of the 21st century as described in sci-fi literature and film, offsets our reality to incite a powerful yet playful protest about the uncertainty of our future, and the condition of the earth today.

During the tour of the exhibition, Matilda will provide a background to Marie’s current work and interests, including ideas around time, and in particular to the future. Chris Fremantle will then respond to the exhibition in light of his interests in art, ecology, sustainability, and his research and practice led platform eco/art/scot/land.

This will be followed by an open and informal group discussion to generate further response to the exhibition. In relation to the content of Marie’s work, this group discussion could also involve conversation about the relationship between humans and our environment, and what the role of the artist could, should, is or isn’t within that relationship.

Teas, coffees, and biscuits provided.

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Green Tease is an ongoing informal events programme which aims to build connections between creative practices and environmental sustainability, through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and practices. Find out more here.