Still from chapter 1, Histoire du Cinema

Film screening: Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988/98), by Jean-Luc Godard, 4 h 24 m.

“Let each eye negotiate for itself” – Histoire(s) du cinéma

  • Chapters 1 & 2, 4 December 2007, 7pm
  • Chapters 3 & 4, 11 December 2007, 7pm
  • Location: Peacock Visual Arts
  • Admission free

In Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988/98) Jean-Luc Godard demands that “It is time for life to give back to cinema what it stole from it.” A savage critique of the cinema and 20th century history, Histoire(s) du cinéma is a relentless, irascible, maddening tour de force in which Godard provides a near-autopsy for his beloved art form. In an intense and self-conscious play of montage, Godard fluidly weaves between video and film imagery, the different registers of sound and the silent, classical and modern film, leaving us a document breathtaking in its beauty and ferocious in commentary. Whether he is treating Hitchcock or the Nazi concentration camps, the effect is indelible — “magnificent signs bathed in the light of their absence of explanation.”

Presented by Centre for Modern Thought/University of Aberdeen and Peacock Visual Arts