16 February – 09 March, 2013

Peacock Visual Arts’ inaugural In Motion Animation Festival presents an exciting programme of short and feature films, curated from around the world and screened at The Belmont Picturehouse. It will also feature an intriguing exhibition of drawings and paintings by award-winning artist/animator Thomas Hicks and workshops for all ages, taking place at venues across the City of Aberdeen. The festival is co-curated by Susie Wilson and Thomas Hicks.


Thursday 14 February, 1–2pm, Gray's School of Art

In Motion // Artist’s Talk Guest@Gray’s

Guest @ Gray's

Image © Thomas Hicks

The first In Motion event, artist/animator and co-curator of In Motion, Thomas Hicks, will present a selection of his short animations from his days as a student at Kingston University, plus short films and music videos that he has worked on since graduating.

He will reveal experiences of working for animation/visual effects companies and how he got started as an independent artist and animator; discussing the processes he goes through to pitch on, and win, animation commissions, with examples of successful creative collaborations.

He will also talk about the relationship between technology and animation, and how new technologies are influencing the way he works. He will explain how he sees the animation industry to be changing, whilst discussing opportunities for students of animation starting out.

Within the presentation he will show some commercial works, alongside experimental pieces of animation and works that inspire him.

Concept artwork, props and paintings from his works will be exhibited within the Peacock Visual Arts Gallery.

Thomas graduated from Kingston University in July 2004 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. He specialises in animation, working with drawn animation processes, 3D software and live action. He has worked at the visual effects company Framestore-CFC in Soho and as a junior digital lab operator in the company working on film projects such as ‘Fateless’, ‘The Constant Gardener’ and ‘Sahara’.

More about Thomas Hicks.

Friday 15 February, 6–8pm, Peacock Visual Arts

In Motion // Opening

In Motion Opening

Image © Thomas Hicks

All welcome!

With kind sponsorship from anCnoc

Join us for the opening of In Motion Animations Festival 2013, where you will get the first look at the exhibition.

Artist and Illustrator Thomas Hicks will be exhibiting a collection of drawings, paintings and sketchbooks giving you a rare peek into his working methods and techniques. He will present concept artwork, props and animation frames from the varied music videos and short films he has worked on. His animation works will also be presented within the exhibition space.

More about Thomas Hicks.

Saturday 16 February 10–4pm, Peacock Visual Arts

In Motion // Thomas Hicks Animation Workshop

Monkey © Thomas Hicks

10 – 4pm @ Peacock Visual Arts


Places are limited to 10. Please book by emailing kirsty@peacockvisualarts.co.uk

This workshop is for those new to animation and is accessible to all ages and all abilities who want to learn the fundamentals of drawn animation.

Students will collaborate with each other, using different materials and techniques to create an exciting piece of work. At the end of In Motion, the piece of work created in this workshop will be handed to The Belmont, where it will be used as an pre-film-screening anti-mobile phone advert.

Students will be able to work with traditional animation equipment and with computer programs for the editing and composing. They will draw their own characters, experiment with the materials and the equipment to make their own animated work.

The animation tutor, Thomas Hicks has taught many animation workshops in England and in Scotland and has worked with ‘Puppet Animation Scotland’ in Edinburgh and on the Isle of Skye making short animated films with students. Thomas aims to inspire and teach young people about animation, giving them the skills they need to make their own drawn animation films.

More about Thomas Hicks.

Saturday 16 February, 6–7:30pm, The Belmont Picturehouse

In Motion // Introduction + Short Films Screening

Andreas Hykade

© Andreas Hykade

Curator Susie Wilson and Curator/Artist Thomas Hicks will present and discuss a diverse and captivating selection short animated films that focus on narrative and storytelling, chosen from festivals over the last few years. There will be an open discussion about the works throughout the screening.

The program consists of provocative and exciting short films selected from around the world, with the aim to present fascinating works to excite and enthrall the audience.

Particular favorites from the screening include ‘Love and Theft’, a truly hypnotic, and psychedelic piece of animation by Andreas Hykade. Also, the wonderful film ‘Please Say Something’ by David O’Reilly – a fast paced melodramatic love story between a cat and a mouse.


Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage (2010) Bastien Dubois, 12′, PG cert

No Room for Gerold (2010) Daniel Nocke, 4’56, PG cert

Love and Theft (2010) Andreas Hykade, 7′, 15 cert

Wings and Oars (2009) Vladimir Leschiov, 5’38, 15 cert

The Spine (2009) Chris Landreth, 11’20, 15 cert

Log Jam: KJFG No.5 NICKELODEON, 2′, U cert

Log Jam: The Moon NICKELODEON, 1’02, U cert

Please Say Something (2008) David O’Reilly,10’01, 15 cert

FastFilm (2003) Virgil Widrich, 13’50, PG cert

Unicycle Film Thomas Hicks, 5’50, 15 cert

I turn my face to the forest floor Thomas Hicks, 4’40 secs, 15 cert

Tuesday 19 + Thursday 21 + Tuesday 26 + Thursday 28 February, 10:30 – 12pm and 1:30 – 3pm, Peacock Visual Arts

In Motion // Drop-in Animation Classes


Image: Morph, created by Peter Lord

10:30 – 12pm and 1:30 – 3pm


All ages welcome!

These short drop-in sessions are designed for those of you who are interested in animation, and would love to give it a go in a relaxed environment.

Iain Gildea, our resident digital guru will show you the basics of how stop-motion films are made. You will make your own plasticine model (just like Morph!) and use it as the star of your animation. All budding film makers will receive a copy of their film, edited by Iain, in the post a week after the class!

All equipment/materials are supplied by us, so you just need to bring yourself and some inspiration. As these are drop-in sessions, there’s no need to book – just turn up within one of the allotted times as above and have a go.

Friday 22 February, 6:30–9pm, Peacock Visual Arts

In Motion // Open Submissions Films Screening

Wings And Oars

Saturday 23 + Sunday 24 February, 10–4pm, Peacock Visual Arts

In Motion // One-Day Animation Workshops


© flashboy

10 – 4pm @ Peacock Visual Arts


Places are limited to 6. Please book by emailing kirsty@peacockvisualarts.co.uk or calling 01224 639539

This workshop is for young people aged 8 – 14, of all abilities. Anyone who has been to one of Iain’s workshops previously is very welcome to join in, as well as any curious beginners.

Students will make their own characters out of plasticine, experimenting with the equipment to make their own animated film or series of short films.

All budding filmmakers will receive their film on DVD in the post shortly after the class.

These workshops have been organised as part of the In Motion Animation Festival 2013, featuring artist/animator Thomas Hicks:

More about Thomas Hicks.

Saturday 23 February, 6pm, The Belmont Picturehouse

Feature Films


Tarik Saleh, 2009 Sweden, Denmark, 82 minutes, cert. 15

The screenplay was co-written by Fredrik Edin, Tarik Saleh and Stig Larsson. It stars the man of many talents, Vincent Gallo as Roger and Juliette Lewis as Nina.


A futuristic look at a terrifying Europe where the world is running out of oil. A gigantic underground network is created by joining all the various undergrounds together underneath Europe. Roger (Vincent Gallo) from a suburb of Stockholm he avoids the underground because he finds it disturbing. Sometimes when he is too near the underground, he hears a strange voice in his head.

One day Roger stumbles upon the truth that his life is controlled in every detail. Trexx, the company that runs the mammoth European rail network has found a way to read and control minds using dandruff shampoo, in the hopes of creating a super-efficient advertising system. In order to break free he combines forces with super-model Nina (Juliette Lewis).

Tickets are £5/£3 concessions (for all In Motion Screenings!) and are available from The Belmont box office.


Image: Metropia


Saturday 2 March, 6pm, The Belmont Picturehouse

Feature Films


Satoshi Kon, 2006 Japan, 90 minutes, cert.15

‘When a machine that allows therapists to enter their patients’ dreams is stolen, all hell breaks loose. Paprika risks her life to help’.

From Rotten Tomatoes:

Groundbreaking animator Satoshi Kon (whose credits include Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress, and Perfect Blue) directed this visually spectacular adaptation of a science fiction novel by Yatsutaka Tsutsui. Atsuko is a psychiatrist who uses advanced technology to study the human mind. Atsuko has developed a machine that will allow her to enter the dreams of her patients and study their psyches from the inside. Atsuko also does double duty as Paprika, a high-tech detective who uses this new innovation to find out the truth about what the people she’s trailing really think. However, Atsuko falls victim to a thief who steals the one-of-a-kind machine, and Paprika sets out to find it as a wave of psychological instability tears through the city. Paprika received its world premiere at the 2006 Venice Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Image: Paprika


Thursday 7 + Friday 8 March, Peacock Visual Arts

Animation Workshops in association with Arts Across Learning Festival More info soon!

Saturday 9 March, 5pm, The Belmont Picturehouse

Screening of Arts Across Learning Film More info soon!

Saturday 9 March, 6pm, The Belmont Picturehouse

Feature Films

A Town Called Panic

Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar, 2009 Belgium, France, 75 minutes, cert. PG

‘Cowboy and Indian’s plan to surprise Horse with a homemade birthday present backfires when they destroy his house instead’.

This unusual feature (a French-Belgian-Luxembourgian co-production) stylistically recalls the work of Art Clokey (Gumby, Davey and Goliath), with its lead cast consisting entirely of stop motion-animated children’s toys. The premise concerns two such toys — Cowboy (Stéphane Aubier) and Indian (Bruce Ellison) — who plan to buy a birthday gift for their friend Horse (the voice of Vincent Patar) but accidentally destroy his house. A series of wacky, often hallucinatory adventures ensues that finds the trio journeying to the center of the earth, wandering across icy tundra and discovering a strange aquatic world inhabited by oddball beings with pointed heads. Benoît Poelvoorde (Man Bites Dog) provides one of the voices. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

A Town Called Panic

Image: A Town Called Panic

To book tickets for film screenings, contact The Belmont Picturehouse on 0871 902 5721 or visit their website.

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