Chiaroscuro is the strong contrast between light and dark.

On Saturday 29th June 2019 join Printmaker James Vass and learn how to create a Chiaroscuro Linocut print using our workshops at Peacock Visual Arts. This is a beginners class aimed at inspiring and getting you started on your Chiaroscuro printmaking journey, this class is also suitable as a refresher for anyone who has previous experience but would like to brush up on their skills with a tutor.

James describes the process as using a series of darkening tones from the same colour to create an image (e.g Light blue, medium blue, dark blue).

For this class, you will be using the reductive linocut method, in which your print is made using a singular block.

Through a series of cutting, inking and printing stages your image will gradually emerge while the surface area of your lino block gradually disappears.

To see examples of Chiaroscuro printmaking visit our 2018/19 summer resident Tom Huck’s website.

To book click here.

This workshop is recommended for adults and young people aged 16 and above.

No experience needed, please contact us for further information, including accessibility.