Date: 10th June – 22nd July 2016
Location: Peacock Visual Arts

Maggie’s evolved to meet a need identified by Maggie Keswick Jencks, who upon being given a terminal prognosis for her cancer was left to reflect in a busy hospital corridor. She wanted to create a homely, yet inspiring, space where people living with cancer could come together to find their own mutual strength and resources. Her vision was realised in 1996, shortly after she died, when a centre was opened in her name at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

This year Maggie’s is 20 years old and by the end of the year will have 20 Centres across the UK and beyond. To celebrate this and the RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016, part of the Year of Innovation and Design, ECA have worked with Maggie’s to create a travelling exhibition called ‘Just Incase’, which carries 12 objects selected by the 12 people who represent the significant foundations of Maggie’s in Scotland. These objects are what each individual would want to take with them on a journey ‘just in case’…..-

The 12 relevant people are-

Marcia Blakenham, Rem Koolhaas, Neil Gillespie

Zaha Hadid, David Page, Frank Gehry

Richard Murphy, Angus Ogilvy, Laura Lee

Charles Jencks, Sandy Nairne, Kjetil Thorsen

The objects range from precious and fragile to those that encourage handling, the oyster concept of a rough, protective carapace sheltering these objects is appropriate.

The general rule is if the relevant box has a lid on it, please just look, if no lid then please take the object out, flick through it, read it, feel it.

Maggie’s Just Incase has been curated and designed by Willie Brown and students Stefani Lai, Carole Li, Jason Chiu, Tamas-Lazlo Turdean, with technical support from Alan Ramsay, Richard Collins and Rachel Simmonds from Edinburgh College of Art, Spring 2016.

Thanks to RIAS Festival of Architecture 2016 for funding the making of Maggie’s Just Incase.

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