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Month of Mayhem: 6 Oct – 26 Nov 2006

Visual art meets music and dance at Peacock’s gallery with a new exhibition and a series of dynamic performances and noisy gigs. Don’t miss this vibrant season of contemporary art!

Friday 6 October

Month of Mayhem starts on Friday 6 October, with the opening of the exhibition Making a virtue of disappointment followed by a night of electronic music presented by Interesting Music Promotions.

drawing by ventedspleen

Drawing by Ventedspleen


Opening 6-7pm, admission free

Preview of Making a virtue of disappointment. Comic book artist Tom Humberstone, alias Ventedspleen, shows 16 of his illustrations related to art and music. The exhibition runs until 11 November.

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Wixel, talkingmakesnosense, Andy da Kipp

Doors open 8pm, tickets on the door £6

Wixel is the indietronica outfit of young Belgian Wim Maesschalck. His music can be described as a warm & organic mix of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic treatments with a lot of care for detail and subtle nuances. Talkingmakesnosense is Dominic Dixon, a musician from Scotland experimenting with computers, analogue tape and a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments . A rare solo performance is given by Andy da Kipp, who is more usually seen as part of the Mickel Mass collective.

wixel on stage

Wixel on stage