11 August 2008

Recent Prints from Peacock Visual Arts

The prints on show give us, in many cases, a first chance to see some of the work that has been made at Peacock in the printmaking studios over the last year. The selection shows the great diversity of artists and media involved: each piece being the result of many hours of close collaboration between artist and printer.

Some are as a result of inviting artists to Peacock Visual Arts for the very first time, giving them a chance to explore the possibilities of printmaking along side their established practice in other fields.

Kenny Hunter and David Blyth, better known for their sculptural and installation work, are two artists who have risen to such a challenge.

Artists including Barbara Rae and John Byrne are no strangers to printmaking, each having produced many wonderful prints over the years.

Also on show is work by Dalziel + Scullion, David McCracken and Ken Dingwall.