In ‘Abergreen. A social laboratory’ the reader captures artist Steven Duval’s project about public space and urban planning for his residency with us in April-June 2005. It offers a specific case study of collaborative socially engaged art in a wider critical context.

Extensive photographic documentation by the artist, his ‘How-To; Guide to building public playgrounds’ and short interviews with the artist and contributing theorist Terence Lee offer a candid view of the artist’s practice in Aberdeen.

They are complemented by an essay by artist and writer Ken Neil, which considers the residency in the wider framework of Duval’s work and of current cultural and political developments.

The publication manages to bring a concise case study to the current discourse on socially engaged and collaborative artistic practice.

  • Author(s): Steven Duval, Ken Neil, Terence Lee, Monika Vykoukal
  • Publisher: Peacock visual arts, Aberdeen 2006
  • Price: £ 8.00 (includes VAT)
  • Softcover
  • Cover: Full Colour, Gloss
  • Number of Pages: 48 (24 full colour, 24 black on pale green)
  • Illustrations: 26 photographs (colour), 11 drawings (b&w)
  • Language: English
  • Format: A5
  • ISBN 0-9543574-5-0,
  • ISBN 13 978-0-9543574-5-0