The Edinburgh Art Festival runs from 28 July – 28 August 2016 and is the UK’s largest annual festival of visual art. Peacock Visual Arts has recently published new works by Roddy Buchanan and Barbara Rae who both feature as part of this year’s festival exhibitions.

Barbara Rae’s exhibition Return Journey at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh, encompasses the entire gallery and embraces mixed media works, paintings, drawings, and prints. The collection presents her studies, which are a record of time passing, an intimate study of human habitation by ancient and modern societies that live off and work on the land.

You can find a selection of Barbara Rae prints available on our website: Barbara Rae Prints.

Roddy Buchanan’s exhibition Understanding versus Sympathy, reflects on the intertwined lives of two great figures in Scottish public life: James Connolly and Owen Dudley Edwards.

His latest work is a video portrait of the Irish historian Owen Dudley Edwards explored through the prism of Dudley Edward’s lifelong engagement with the ideas of James Connolly. A key figure in the 1916 Easter Rising and widely commemorated across Ireland.

The print, also titled Understanding versus Sympathy will be available to purchase direct from our website soon.