Making a Virtue of Disappointment. Ventedspleen

07 October – 11 November, 2006

Comic book artist Tom Humberstone, alias Ventedspleen, shows 16 works related to art and music.


Tom Humberstone has been producing and publishing comics under the alias of Ventedspleen‚ for three years. Part of the new wave of British small-press cartoonists, his cynical, self-deprecating and vitriolic work has been likened to an English Harvey Pekar. This exhibition presents a rare opportunity to observe the creative process of constructing comic art, from the conception through to the final product. Humberstone’s original pencilled work, preparatory sketches, and early material will be on display in the gallery, with limited screen printed t-shirts and comics available in the shop. See firsthand why this underappreciated medium is deserving of a much wider audience.

The witty humour of Ventedspleen’s work fit in very well with the series of art and music events during Peacock’s Month of Mayhem.

the exhibition in the gallery space