little girl in car in 1950s

  • Location: Peacock Visual Arts
  • Starts: 27 March, 2008, 7pm
  • Admission free

With contributions by Platform London and Owen Logan.

Carbon Generations (PLATFORM)

Crude oil arrived in Scotland in 1870 and by most accounts we will have ceased to use oil & gas by 2080. The two hundred and ten years between these two dates are the equivalent of seven generations – the Carbon Generations. Some traditional societies consider that important decisions need to be considered in the frame of seven generations. We face important decisions in relation to carbon and climate change, and we need to consider them in the frame of seven generations. Three back, three forward and your own generation. Carbon Generations portrays the passage of three families through the Oil & Gas Age, by retelling intimate stories by an artist, a petroleum geologist and a radical geographer.

How Deep is the Transparency Deficit? (Owen Logan)

Taking up from Gordon Brown’s identification of a ‘transparency deficit’ following January’s stock market crash, Owen Logan speaks about the relationship of the oil economy to financial globalisation. In illustrating what the ‘transparency deficit’ may mean for contemporary democracy he argues that any possible solutions to it have deep implications, admitted by few politicians.

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