Aberdeen Central Labour MSP, Lewis Macdonald has welcomed plans for the new Centre for Contemporary Arts proposed in Aberdeen’s Union Terrace Gardens by submitting a motion to the Scottish Parliament commending the plans for the development. “I am delighted to lend my support to the plans for this exciting project.” MPs Anne Begg and Frank Doran also recently expressed their support during a visit to Peacock.

The motion submitted by Lewis Macdonald: “congratulates Peacock Visual Arts on the proposal for a new Centre for Contemporary Arts and believes that the proposed new Centre will have a positive impact on Aberdeen’s cultural life, bringing significant cultural and economic benefits to Aberdeen and the North East as well as breathing new life into Union Terrace Gardens.”

The motion goes on to say that the Parliament “recognises that the imaginative design by architects Brisac Gonzalez is of world-class standard and will strengthen Aberdeen’s standing on the international cultural map.”

The project currently at planning application stage is being hailed as one of the most exciting cultural developments in Scotland today and project leaders Peacock Visual Arts are delighted that the project is being highlighted to the Scottish Parliament in this way.

Lewis Macdonald whose constintuency includes Union Terrace said: “I am delighted to lend my support to the plans for this exciting project. There is a clear case for developing a Centre for Contemporary Arts in the North-east and Peacock’s plans show the kind of vision and ambition needed to create a world-class centre here in Aberdeen.”

Lindsay Gordon, Director, Peacock Visual Arts said: “It’s wonderful to receive Lewis’s commendations for the plans at this early stage. We believe the new centre will be a popular cultural and social resource for people from across the North-east and we hope that MSPs across Scotland will show similar enthusiasm for the plans.”

The plans are currently on display at Peacock’s current home in the Castlegate.

Anne Begg MP for Aberdeen South paid a visit to Peacock Visual Arts recently to see the model for the proposed new centre for contemporary art. The MP was extremely supportive of the project. She said: “I think the Union Terrace Gardens project is so exciting. I think the building will be spectacular when it is completed.”

Another MP, Frank Doran, who also visited recently, was equally supportive.

Read article in Press & Journal, 13 September 2007.

Anne Begg and Lindsay Gordon looking at model

Anne Begg and Lindsay Gordon looking at model