So far we’ve seen the first print made in our workshop and one of the first prints from our first major show outside Aberdeen. Today we’re going to look at another first and this time it’s the first publication with an artist that wasn’t part of a thematic suite. The following image is taken from a scan.

by Barbara Balmer
1979, Lithograph & Screenprint.

This one has been selected from our 1996 book Peacock 21:
“The first publication with an individual artist – not part of a thematic suite but simply an image that we all agreed was well worth doing, was made with Barbara Balmer. This untitled and seemingly simple jug of flowers, set against a summer sky was conceived as a combination of colour lithography and screenprint. The print was fraught with technical difficulties largely due to choosing a paper lacking the substance needed for the size of the image and the number of times it had to pass through the press. This resulted in a gradual stretching of the sheet – a nightmare for the accurate registration of colour. As stones were carried in and out of Barbara’s garden studio by increasingly worried printers, there never seemed to be more contrast between artist and painter.”