For this look back in the archive we’re going to feature what some of Pat Douthwaite’s suite of lithographs ‘Apples Kabuki’. The original suite was made up of 11 prints of which we have 5 remaining.

Apples Kabuki Title by Pat Douthwaite (1988, Lithograph)


Black Spiky-Haired Geisha And Bent ‘topper’ by Pat Douthwaite (1988, Lithograph)


Female Cat In A Teapot by Pat Douthwaite (1988, Lithograph)


Head With Worms, In Profile by Pat Douthwaite (1988, Lithograph)


Woman In Profile With Vase by Pat Douthwaite (1988, Lithograph)


Pat had been a controversial figure on the Scottish Art Scene for more than thirty years before she came to Peacock in the late 80’s to produce a series of lithographs. Originally studying movement, mime and dance with Margaret Morris, she was encouraged to paint by Morris’ husband, J D Ferguson.

She came to work on the ‘Apples Kabuki’ suite during 1988. These very graphic prints influenced by traditional Japanese theatre hark back to Douthwaite’s own dance training and the works capture the state of exaggerated costume and extreme theatre.

The suite travels from very calm, beautiful portraits of kimono-clad women playing tennis to powerful, quite gruesome images of skulls and scarred victims, all resplendent in patterned finery and accompanied by birds and small cat-like animals.

Recognised as the most complex of processes, the lithographs were made by the artist drawing directly onto a stone with a greasy crayon and wash.

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