No look back into the Peacock archive would be complete without looking at an artist we’ve worked with since the early 90’s and continue to do so, Ralph Steadman. We have produced many different series of prints with him but today we’re going to focus on some of the first ones, The Leaders Series.

Assassin by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


Dictator by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


Judge by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


King & Queen by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


President by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


Revolutionary by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


Terrorist by Ralph Steadman (1993, Screenprint)


Our 1996 book ‘Peacock 21’ tells the story of the beginning of this collaboration:
“In the early ’90s Peacock invited Ralph Steadman to make new prints to be included in a retrospective of his work. A local collector Alan Young, knew Steadman well and arranged an introduction. After the initial visit to Peacock the retrospective idea was dropped in favour of creating an exhibition of entirely new work. Working closely with printers, Michael Agnew and Michael Waight, Ralph worked on an extended series of etchings using line and aquatint on both copper and steel. His ability as a draughtsman, coupled with an urge to experiment with process and colour, resulted in an exciting collaboration with artist and printers pushing themselves to the limit during short periods of intense activity. Simultaneously several screen prints were made in the upstairs workshop. Ralph arrived with a suitcase full of filed collage material which was assembled and then photographed onto polaroid. The developing polaroid was then manipulated and distorted to form one of Ralph’s famous ‘Paranoids’. These formed the basis for photographic separations which were again worked on with scraped and dissolved deletions and additions in  paint and pen. While the etchings mainly depicted writers from Shakespeare to William Burroughs, the screen prints were in smaller groups often in response to political stimuli. Dictator, Assassin and President; or the extended mono print collaboration with Charles Hynes – Sarajevo Spectrum.

Throughout the project Alan Young recorded Steadman working in a remarkable series of black and white photographs which were themselves the subject of an exhibition at Aberdeen Art Gallery. The project was also filmed by Murray Grigor for ‘The Late Show’. More recently Ralph has made a further screen print with Charles Hynes involving William Burroughs, who shot the completed prints.”

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Thanks to Alan Young for the photo of Ralph and Arthur in the studio, does anyone know who the third person in it is? Also if anyone has a recording of ‘The Late Show’ we’d love to see it.