This look back is with an artist whose work is always a joy to behold, Claire Roberts. We last published with Roberts in 2014 and are pleased to say they are a regular and welcome sight in our workshops.

Busy Lizzie by Claire Roberts (2003, Screenprint)


Lepidopetry by Claire Roberts (2014, Screenprint)


Sallet by Claire Roberts (2014, Screenprint)


Star Thistle by Claire Roberts (2003, Screenprint)


Roddy Phillips in ‘Peacock Visual Arts 35 Years of Great Stuff!’ publication had this to say about ‘Busy Lizzie’:
“On a personal level Claire Roberts’ work has always had an immediate and lasting resonance for me. Her figures seem to live in futuristic fantastical worlds but they look back to the early Renaissance and the atmosphere of the fresco. They are rich in pattern and alive with a sort of re-animated Frankenstein-like energy that buzzes out of the picture.

For me she symbolises the ethos of Peacock, which gives the artist space and time to create. In ‘Busy Lizzie’ she has harnessed the procedural method of printmaking to her own ends and created a spectacle that is vividly alive and ultimately moving.”

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