This post takes us back to 2013 and is our first look at a printmaker who has both exhibited and printed with us on numerous occasions. Adam Bridgland has been the print studio manager Jealous Gallery and Print Studio in London for the last 10 years, as he puts it “since the beginning”.

Come Out to Live, Come in to Play by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


Every Day the Future Opens to Your View Brighter and Even Brighter by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


Everything and Again (and Again) by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


I Know You’ll Take Care of the Little Things by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


I Saw That Face Again and Had A Sore Heart Meltdown by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


I Still Long for the Safety of Your Dull Calm by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


My Dear This is all Our Beautiful Wasteland by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)


So Many Perfect Moments by Adam Bridgland (2013, Screenprint)

In 2013 a suite of new screenprints, CIRCA, by Adam Bridgland were installed across the city of Dundee as part of Impact 8 International Print Conference. An edition of high quality signed prints were subsequently produced with us. This wasn’t the first nor the last time we worked with Adam and we’ll take a look at some of the other pieces in the near future. The V&A Museum collection in London has a number of the prints that he made with Peacock in its collection including: ‘The Circa Suite’, ‘Lullabies’, ‘A Posy For You’ and ‘Everything And Again (And Again)’.

Their biography on Adam is as follows:
“Adam Bridgland (b 1979, UK) graduated from the RCA in 2006. He is a printmaker who specialises in motifs drawn from or inspired by British popular culture and graphic traditions, often playing on nostalgia and reminiscence. His work is witty and often involves a subtle interplay of word and image (showing the influence of precursors such as Ian Hamilton-Finlay). His ‘patch’ prints for example, take the format of stick-on or sew-on badges, especially those relating to music fan-dom or to achievement (as in the Boy Scouts). He cites Peter Blake’s ‘Self-Portrait with Badges’ as inspiration. Other prints refer to ‘paint by numbers’ kits and folk rhymes (‘Lullabies’) or to public information posters (‘The Circa Suite’).”

We have the full Circa Suite available from our Shopify store –