Today we’re going to look back to 2003 and a series of prints that also ended¬† up as an exhibition and a beautiful bound book of lithographs, Nagasawa Cantrips by Elspeth Lamb.

Ginko by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


Manga by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


March Hair by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


Matsu by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


Miracle Fish by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


Myrror by Elspeth Lamb (2003, Lithograph)


Elspeth Lamb created this unique series of lithographs using traditional limestone combined with digital imaging techniques whilst working with Jonathan Jones in our workshop. The suite of prints was inspired by Elspeth’s four week residency in Japan, whilst studying the Japanese art of paper making. The title uses old lowland Scots language with ‘cantrips’ meaning ‘a magical spell of any kind’. The resulting images seem to combine frivolity with seriousness, candour with hidden meaning and sensitivity with bluntness.

There’s a video flickthrough of the book here –


We do have one or two copies of it in our print store. If you are interested please get in touch.

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