Tonights look back takes us to 2014 and the work of a visiting artist from Guadalajara Jalisco, México – Satterugly.

He travels the world exploring places and advancing his practice. Journeying north he stumbled upon Aberdeen. He executed an incredible mural during his residency which became part of our 40th anniversary exhibition and left behind a series of brilliant prints. He worked on the following three prints and also created some special editions with some spray painted and some delicately stained with coffee. As you can see he was also lucky enough to meet Peacock stalwart Frances Walker, it’s unsure who was the owner of the Chocolate Orange.

Frances Walker & Satterugly, 2014


Andamos Armados (Version 1) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint)


Andamos Armados (Version 2) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint with hand colouring)


Hey Mamachita (Version 1) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint)


Hey Mamachita (Version 2) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint with hand colouring)


Rebelde Sin Causa (Version 1) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint)


Rebelde Sin Causa (Version 2) by Satterugly (2014, Screenprint with hand colouring)


Satterugly Painting Mural, 2014


The mural he worked on is still in our collection and anyone lucky enough to get a visit to our print store will have passed it in the corridor.


El Despertar De Una Nueva Sangre (The Awakening Of A New Blood) by Satterugly (2014, Paint on board)


We have a few copies of some of the work Satterugly produced with us available from our online store –