Tonight we’re going to look a suite of prints that marked this artists first foray into screenprinting and a collection of works that ended up exhibited in Aberdeen Art Gallery, Toby Paterson.

Toby Paterson, 2002

Please note the images here are scans from the brochure and don’t quite do these fantastic works justice.

New Facade by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


Parkhill by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


Sunlit Emergency Exit (Water Tower Version) by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


Sunny Blunts by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


We Fall Into Patterns Quickly (Axonometric Version) by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


Yard Plan by Toby Paterson (2003, Screenprint)


The suite ‘Patterns’ was started in 2002 and ended up being completed in 2003, accompanied by this innovative fold out brochure – a top notch piece of design by Peacock print technician Jonathon Jones.

Toby describes the suite in this as such:
“This suite of prints takes as its starting point a variety of different forms of housing and accommodation whilst drawing from them unexpected images. Relating directly to previous wall paintings and sculpture, these prints are a graphic representation of where aesthetics and ideas meet. From houses in New Town designed by Victor Pasmore to a private residence in Florida by Marcel Breuer and a block of flats in Paddington by Berthold Lubetkin, these prints allude to the visual richness underlying our most immediate surroundings.”

Ailsa McWilliam printing ‘We Fall Into Patterns Quickly (Axonometric Version)’ by Toby Paterson, 2003


Ailsa McWilliam, the Peacock print technician who editioned the suite describes the project:
“It was in September 2001 when Toby Paterson was working on a wall drawing in the gallery at Peacock that the idea of a suite of screen prints was formed. As Toby had never made prints we agreed that the first step would be a couple of ‘fun printing days’. This time helped Toby to to understand the medium and for the printer to appreciate Toby’s way of working. Having won the Beck’s Futures Prize, his tight schedule only allowed him one optimistic week to edition six screenprints.

Each print consists of a flat printing followed by 6-8 colours. A large flat colour is extremely hard to print. The registration of the subsequent printings was particularly delicate and difficult. That week produced only one print. Several more visits had to be arranged and 5 months later the final print was completed. The results, first exhibited at Aberdeen Art Gallery, show the beauty of Toby’s imagery expressed in a medium he had never before considered.”

Here is a video by Adam Proctor with Toby talking through the project


We don’t have any of the suite available online right now but we’ve spoken to Toby and if you contact him directly you may be able to get your hands on some of them, he has told us that ‘We Fall Into Patterns Quickly (Axonometric Version)’ is sold out.