Curatorial fellowship


Peacock Associates is Scotland’s first fully-funded Curatorial Fellowship for visual arts. This programme was piloted in 2018, in which ten Aberdeen-based independent curators, artists, architects and designers exchanged skills and collectively curated ‘W OR M OPEN’, a two-month experimental series of exhibitions and public events. Building on the success of the 2018 edition, Peacock Associates 2019 invites applications from curators and artist-curators living and working in Aberdeen and the North-East region* to engage in this one-year programme.

Through the ‘Deep Mapping’ methodology, the fellowship generates a platform for collective learning. Deep Mapping proposes a perspective from below. It is a spatial practice that recovers what is suppressed and excluded from the traditional bird’s-eye view cartography. It is a process of reading and reshaping the landscape that embraces political, social, economic and environmental concerns, challenging accepted knowledge and imposed belief systems. Through Deep Mapping the group will explore the radical culture of the North East of Scotland.

Five successful applicants will be selected for the fellowship and participate in the following activities:

    • four intensive sessions with guest curators with regional and international practices;
    • a remote reading group which develops and shapes curatorial discourse over the period of programme;
    • mentoring support;
    • and a physical and collective embodiment of the research undertaken, culminating in an exhibition at The W OR M.

The programme will be organised by Nuno Sacramento (Peacock Visual Arts Director), Shadow Curators Naoko Mabon and Rachel Grant (both members of the first Associates cohort in 2018) and overseen by advisor Mónica Núñez Laiseca, Senior Lecturer in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) at Glasgow School of Art.

*North- East Region (Aberdeen/shire, Inverness, Dundee, Northern Isles and all places in between)




Each intensive will begin on Wednesday evening, and end on Friday morning with a series of activities by curators with regional and international practices.

Remote reading group

In alternate months to the intensives there will be a self-organised, online reading and discussion group, with the support of Shadow Curators and informed by individual positions and common interests.


Make sure you are available on the below dates

(Final content to be co–devised by the participants)

15th – 17th of May: Intensive I ‘Deep Mapping: An Introduction’

June: Remote reading group (online)

10th – 12th of July: Intensive II ‘Deep Mapping in Local Acts’

August: Remote reading group (online)

11th – 13th September: Intensive III ‘Deep Mapping in Social Acts’

October: Remote reading group (online)

13th – 15th November: Intensive IV ‘Deep Mapping in Cultural Landscapes’

December/January 2020: Associates exhibition preparation.

February/March 2020: Associates exhibition on show at The W OR M, Peacock Visual Arts.


Please send your CV with a covering letter of no more than three pages of A4 including the following content;

  • Contact details: name, address, contact email and telephone.
  • Your reasons for applying to the fellowship and what you would bring to it.
  • Describe a previous project you were involved in that you are proud of, and state why was it valuable to you?

Please email the application to with ‘Curatorial Fellowship’ in the subject line.

The deadline for applications is Monday the 22nd of April 2019 at 5pm. Applicants will be notified of the outcome by Wednesday the 24th of April. Those that are successful in the application process will then be invited to interview.

If shortlisted for an interview, please ensure you can be available Monday the 29th of April 2019. Interviews can be conducted via Skype if necessary.


Each fellow will receive £1,000 to attend the programme. This will be paid in five instalments of £200. Payments will be made after the attendance of each intensive and on completion of the final exhibition.


Financial support is available towards travel and accommodation. 


I am currently a student. Can I still apply?

No, this opportunity is not available for current students.

I am based in the central belt of Scotland. Can I still apply?

No, the programme will build critical capacity in the North East region so the opportunity is for those professionals living and working in the region only (Aberdeen/shire, Inverness, Dundee, Northern Isles and all places in between).

I can only make two out of four of the Intensives, is this a problem?

Whilst we understand the financial requirements of freelance practitioners’ secondary economies, we expect full participation in the programme. This will benefit you as an individual as well as the group.

Are there funds for the final exhibition?

Yes, PVA has funding towards the collective exhibition.

If my application is unsuccessful, would you provide feedback?

Yes, we can provide feedback upon request.