Peacock Visual Arts are delighted to announce that we have recently secured an Open Project Funding award for our new space – The WORM, a new project room on the Castlegate, Aberdeen.

The WORM will host exhibitions, screenings, talks, workshops as well as our flagship project Free Press, a youth-led publishing project. It will also provide a city centre meeting place for artists, academics, professionals, community groups, youths, etc to define and express their own sense of culture and its value, to come together and dream new futures for Aberdeen.

Nuno Sacramento, Peacock Visual Arts Director said: “This funding comes at a crucial time in both the history of the organisation and of the city of Aberdeen. The move of our gallery to the Castlegate and the set up of a new artistic programme will help nurture the city’s cultural life from the ground up, fostering spaces of encounter and dialogue and ensuring the direct involvement of artists and citizens in the creative regeneration of this city.”

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