• Date: 21-23 January 2016
  • Opening: Thur 21 January 2016, 6-8pm. All Welcome
  • Location: Peacock Visual Arts

Peacock Visual Arts is delighted to present this selection of work by third-year students from the Contemporary Art Practice course at Gray’s School of Art. Don’t miss this short, but privileged, opportunity to preview the range of ideas that this new wave of emerging artists are exploring in a wide variety of media.

Michael Agnew, Course Leader, Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s said: “This pop-up Peacock Visual Arts’ curated exhibition of third year Contemporary Art Practice students from Gray’s builds upon an evolving conversation between two important arts organisations within our city made more important due to Aberdeen Art Gallery’s current renovations.

“Selected from six internal exhibitions at the art school, the exhibitors make up one-third of the current cohort, demonstrating throughout professionalism and now a tangible engagement with the external world.

“The works presented demonstrate explorations with both process and criticality, and indeed very fresh and idiosyncratic approaches from a wide range of exciting potential artists of the future.

“This year is the bedrock for honours year study toward graduation in 2017, offering a glimpse of what lies ahead and the potential of these capable individuals and creators. We at Gray’s and PVA hope this is the start of a productive relationship between our organisations and that students exhibiting here today will enrich the artistic community in the north east and beyond for many years to come.”

Students exhibiting their work include:

  • Yvette Bathgate
  • David Brown
  • Brittney Cameron
  • Emmaly Crimmel
  • Caitlin Dick
  • Hayley Duffin
  • Kaitlyn Dunsmore
  • Hannah Hawkes
  • Aigita Kalnina
  • Jaya MacPhail
  • Alice Martin
  • Bea Meldrum
  • Holly Morton
  • Lorna Mulhern
  • Svetlana Panova