Opening night: 2 July 2010 6-8pm

In “Plein Air: The Ethical Aesthetic Impulse”, Reiko Goto and Tim Collins exhibit a box easel for the 21st Century. Like the 19th century realists and impressionists before them, these artists seek authentic experience ‘in nature.’ The artwork experiments with new empathic, body/mind relationships with trees in cities.

The ‘plein air’ easel for this exhibition has developed technological devices that allow people to observe and listen to a tree as it responds to atmospheric changes caused by human transport and habitation. The artists engage specific trees in public places between the Don River and the Dee River in Aberdeen.

Artists’ Talk

Goto and Collins will be present to discuss the current exhibition. All welcome.

  • Date: 7 August 2010
  • Time: 4-6pm
  • Location: PVA
  • Cost: Free

More Information

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