Based in Aberdeen, Peacock Print Studio works with renowned and emerging artists, with a wide range of print facilities. We have worked on print projects with the likes of Adam Bridgland, John Byrne, Janice Kerbel, David Noonan, Toby Paterson, Barbara Rae, Ralph Steadman and Frances Walker and many more. Our professional printmaking team and workshop, can offer any traditional print medium to artists and the community looking to create work or further their artistic skill set, and with 40 years’ of printmaking in the North East of Scotland, we have the expertise to educate you at one of our courses or to get the finished artwork you require.Peacock Visual Arts is part of Below another sky, an international residency programme to support new work in print by artists from Scotland and Commonwealth countries, commissioned by the Scottish Print Network.

David McCracken : XL//Peacock Visual Arts at 40

“Working with David McCracken, Michael Waight and James Vass at Peacock Visual Arts was a privilege. Peacock is unique in its ability to encourage persistent experimentation and enable impossible needs while consistently producing prints of outstanding quality. Aberdeen (and indeed the UK) is lucky to have them!”

Janice Kerbel