As a  maker of paintings and prints, creating work can be quite lonely. And while I am extremely fortunate at home to be able to explore the way both sides of my practice feed and inform each other  in these two mediums, in two studios next to each other

In the garden, at times I crave for the hands on grist of working collaboratively.

Working with Mike, James and David at Peacock has allowed the technical aspirations and experimentation of the processes involved to catch up with the ambition and scale of the work. I explain to the team  what I want to try and achieve  visually in the series, and  pull out drawings and source material around the images and Mike comes back with a whole range of options and pathways that turn my clunky and simplistic approach to solving the woodcuts into much more direct and inventive solutions. The studio takes care of the zen-like processes involved and I can then think beyond them. This is such a freeing experience. We also have such a laugh in the process! Although some of the music the team listens to has the effect of being incarcerated in a 1970’s time machine- quite a nice place to be in fact, the whole shared experience is intoxicating, and I feel my work is pushed way beyond the limits my my personal vision.