10 May 2010


The results of the consultation into the City Square were released today. They showed that a 55% of participants did not want the City Square with the majority of the 44% prioritising green space and a contemporary arts centre in any future development on the site. Peacock welcomes this feedback from members of the public. Reading carefully through the information released today we are delighted to see that all of the major elements that people want to see – greater accessibility, green space and cultural facilities – can be delivered in Peacock’s existing plans for Union Terrace Gardens.

Given that on these figures a clear majority said they did not want the City Square, and the fact that people’s desires will be met in the Peacock plans we hope that the go ahead will now be given for the creation for Peacock’s major new cultural centre which will regenerate the existing Gardens and give the people of Aberdeen what they have asked for.

At a time of increasing pressure on the public purse Aberdeen can be seen to be leading the way in delivering quality public facilities and value for money by enabling the Peacock plans for Union Terrace Gardens to go ahead. We have a short funding window now until June to get the go-ahead for the new arts centre and we hope that in the light of the results of the public consultation ACSEF, Sir Ian Wood, and Aberdeen City Council will look positively at the Peacock scheme as the first stage of a win-win for Aberdeen.

However, so far Sir Ian has stated the City Council must decide to proceed with the City Square as it stands or he will withdraw his £50 million. The City Council will make a decision on the future of Union Terrace Gardens at their Full Council meeting on May 19th.

If you haven’t already PLEASE write to your Councillor in the time remaining and let them know your views. You can find them at www.writetothem.com

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