IMP are completely thrilled to present another ssssssshhhhh event with a dream line-up:

Quickbeam (Comets & Cartwheels) Amy & Kathryn Sawers

Sat 16th Nov 13

Doors 8pm

Entrance £7.50 by tickets

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ssssssshhhh events are quite simply the antidote to events/gigs that are spoiled by people chatting through the artists performance. At ssssssshhhh events don’t come if you want to chat during the artists performance, show respect to the performers & your fellow paying customers who want to listen to it.

Quickbeam (Comets & Cartwheels)

Quickbeam are an atmospheric/cinematic band based in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally formed in 2010 by Monika Gromek and Andrew Thomson, the band has since grown in numbers to a four piece. After releasing their first single ‘Seven Hundred Birds’ to widespread critical acclaim in April 2012, the band now look forward to further collaboration with Scottish label Comets and Cartwheels on the release of their Creative Scotland funded debut album in June 2013. The resulting collection of songs reveals more of what Quickbeam have to offer in the studio, and saw them find a well-suited collaborator in Scottish producer Stuart MacLeod. Part sparse minimalism and part luscious extravagance, the record is a confident showcase of the members’ growing maturity as songwriters. Consistently underpinned by orchestrally arranged strings, brass, and rich harmonium pitted against thunderously distorted guitar passages and pounding rhythms, the album’s overall feel is one that calls to mind grand themes such as the passage of time. Throughout the record, female led vocals are complemented by warm harmonies and subtle atmospherics which lend the music a rather captivating and often melancholic beauty. Quickbeam’s Album Launch was held at Govanhill Baths on Friday 31st May followed by the release of the album early in June through Record Stores only, Quickbeam entered the Official UK Record Store Album Chart at Number 10!

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Amy & Kathryn Sawers

What can we say about the first ladies of the Aberdeen music scene, IMP have had the honor of putting these ladies on, on many occasions & they still manage to make the hairs on the neck stand up to attention. Tonight they will play separate sets & if they can be persuaded just maybe a couple of numbers together. We expect them to be nothing short of awesome.

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